Meet The Owner of Maid Right Greensboro

“The Maid Right model provides us an exciting opportunity to offer world class cleaning services to residential customers, while developing and mentoring new business owners.” By utilizing his Management, Sales and Franchise experience, Jim is focused on defining customer service by helping customers and Maid Right Unit owners reach their goals. Jim’s extensive experience includes consultative sales, project management and operations / logistics management in manufacturing operations. He has owned and operated a Franchise Coaching Business assisting new entrepreneurs to identify and select businesses that fit their goals and abilities. He is an engineering graduate of Virginia Tech and has resided in Greensboro for over 20 years.

Jim Branyon

Jim Branyon


Maid Right Cleaning Sets New Standards

Maid Right residential cleaning provides superior home cleaning services for busy people. With a company culture built on trust, reliability and excellence in home cleaning, clients benefit from our professional residential cleaning services and proven technologies. Maid Right cleaning crews are led by franchise owners, not hourly employees. Franchise owners have successfully completed a certification program on Maid Right’s branded processes, including cleaning technologies and cleanliness standards. The combination of proprietary processes like EnviroShield® — the same cleaning process used to sanitize hospital operating rooms — and an extensive cleaning regimen make Maid Right the leader in residential cleaning.

Why Choose Maid Right As Your Home Cleaning Service?

With cleaning processes developed and perfected by our sister company JAN-PRO, the leading franchise commercial cleaning company, Maid Right delivers the most advanced cleaning services. We use high-quality products, processes and equipment perfected in commercial cleaning, including:

  • EnviroShield®, a state-of-the-art disinfecting system, which clings to and surrounds the surfaces it touches to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Environmentally safe, hospital-strength cleaning products, which protect your entire home.
  • Backpack vacuums that exceed HEPA filtration standards for deep cleaning and enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Color-coded cleaning cloths that eliminate the transfer of germs from bathrooms to kitchen surfaces.
  • Maid Right franchise owners take pride in delivering exceptional house cleaning services every visit. Contact us today to locate a Maid Right franchise owner near you.

Maid Right Brings Innovations to Home Cleaning

The cleaning industry is a $50 billion business that has grown by 66% over the past decade. The U.S. franchise segment is a $2.2 trillion industry comprising 825,000 individual franchisees who support 20 million employees. Maid Right and JAN-PRO are proud to be leaders in the rapidly expanding residential cleaning and commercial cleaning segments.

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Maid Right® of Greensboro: About Our Housekeeping Company

At Maid Right of Greensboro, we believe in a higher grade of housekeeping services. Our company’s housekeeping approach gives homeowners the benefits of both independent cleaners and big cleaning brands, while avoiding the drawbacks of either. By combining personalized, responsive service with our industry’s top systems, our housekeeping company makes a better class of cleaning services available to Greensboro residents. The result? Spotless, sparkling cleanings that leave your home looking and feeling cleaner than ever.

Our Company’s Housekeeping Approach for Greensboro

As longtime members of the Greensboro community, the team at Maid Right of Greensboro is committed to providing this community with the very best in housekeeping company it could ask for. To follow through on this commitment, we offer personalized service. We never try to shoehorn our clients into ineffective, one-size-fits-all cleaning plans or systems – instead, we’ll create a fully customized set of cleaning services that maximizes your home’s cleanliness.

What’s more, our housekeeping company will provide you with the support your home needs for spotless results. Our owner will personally deliver or oversee each cleaning your home receives from our team, ensuring that our services always live up to your expectations.

Our Housekeeping Company’s Industry-Leading Support

As a Maid Right housekeeping company, Maid Right of Greensboro is able to offer Greensboro homeowners services and systems they won’t find with any other cleaning provider – from exclusive, state of the art technologies like EnviroShield® home disinfection, to safer cleaning products for families with young children or pets.

Best of all, our affiliation with Maid Right means top-notch results for your home, delivered using our exclusive three-system process:

  • Starting with Maid Right Signature Clean®, we use our industry’s most exacting service standards to build a one-of-a-kind cleaning plan for your home.
  • Using Maid Right Technics®, we arm our cleaning team with top products and equipment to deliver your services, producing sparkling results.
  • We then support those services with Maid Right Tracker®, a system that uses cleaning checklists, logbooks, and feedback surveys to maintain service quality at all times.

By combining the advantages offered by Maid Right with the personalized service of a local cleaning provider, our housekeeping company has become Greensboro’s most trusted provider of home cleaning services.

Partner with our housekeeping company by calling Maid Right of Greensboro today at 336-497-1856 and bring a higher grade of clean to your home.